List of documents

Hitching head

How to change the headstock?

Hitch head cylinder

How to change a cylinder
of the headstock?

Hitch head cylinder

Warning and precaution for the replacement of a headstock cylinder.

Breakaway cable

How to change a breakaway cable?

Brake lining

How to change brake linings?

Brake drum

How to change a brake drum?

Brake cables

How to change your brake cables?

Brake adjustment

How to adjust your brakes?

Equalising bar

How do I replace and adjust a equalising bar?

Shock absorbers

How to replace shock absorbers?

Drum nut

How to replace a drum nut?

Wheel screws

How to replace wheel screws?

Hydraulic pump
PW2.4 and PW3.6

How to install a hydraulic pump on a PW2.4 or PW3.6 dump body?


Maintenance manual for a hydraulic pump.

System help

List of the most frequent defects in a braking system and their corrective actions.


Help in identifying breakdowns and their corrective actions.